Nakita Simpson

by Progress Labs / Feb 07, 2022
Nakita is an art director, designer, and illustrator—someone who draws words for a living. A lifelong learner, Nakita explores creativity pr...

Courtney Ahn

by AKBA Team / Feb 07, 2022
Courtney “Courn” Ahn is a Korean American illustrator and designer known for her playful artwork that depicts social justice, antiracism, and all t...

Justin P. Flood & David Flood

by Kehlay Luchaco / Feb 06, 2022
Justin and his dad, David, live in Northport, New York. With Justin’s help, David travels the country to talk about dignity and respect. Their sto...

Rebecca Alexander

by Kehlay Luchaco / Feb 05, 2022
Rebecca Alexander is founder and CEO of AllGo, a community review platform where plus-size people rate the comfort and accessibility of public pla...

Jelani Memory

by Kehlay Luchaco / Feb 04, 2022
Jelani Memory is a constantly curious writer, entrepreneur, and storyteller. He lives in his hometown of Portland, OR, with his wife and six kids.

Elizabeth Tom

by Kehlay Luchaco / Feb 01, 2022
Elizabeth Tom is a high schooler who enjoys basketball, swimming, softball, and horseback riding. She dreams of becoming an equine veterinar...

Next Up

by Kehlay Luchaco / Jan 31, 2022
Next Up is a nonprofit organization in Oregon. It’s the next generation doing democracy right—mobilizing and uplifting young voters to envision re...

David Kim

by Kehlay Luchaco / Jan 26, 2022
David Kim was born in Seoul, Korea, and now pastors in Silicon Valley where there is constant change! As a husband and father of two young girls, ...