A Kids Book About Body Image



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For Ages 5+

How to think about your body, your feelings about it, and how to love it the way it is.

Each of us has a body we live in every day. Every body is a different size, shape, weight, color, and kind. This book takes the conversation around body image head on, helping kids love their bodies, just the way they are.

Rebecca Alexander (she/her) is founder and CEO of AllGo, a community review platform where plus-size people rate the comfort and accessibility of public places so others can know what it’s like before going out.

Hardback Size: 8in. x 10in.
ISBN: 978-1-951253-16-5
Printed in the USA

64 Pages

Copyright 2019
Designed in Portland, Oregon

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Kole H.
What Every Little Girl Needs To Hear

I have an daughter who is absolutely beautiful but I know at some point she’ll have insecurities about her body. As her father I can only do so much, but when I saw this book I thought what a great way to help say what I can’t say. When we read it to my daughter, her mother started to tear up. My wife has dealt with body image issue her entire life, but when she heard this it made her feel better about herself. I can only imagine when my daughter gets to the same age she’ll be able to experience the relief of loving herself and not having the same insecurities. What you’re doing with these books are amazing, keep it up!


A Kids Book About Body Image


A Kids Book About Body Image


You cannot go wrong purchasing any of the “A Kids Book About.”
I have purchased several different books for my grandchildren.

Not quite right for us

This wasn’t the body image book I was hoping for. I got this book for my daughter who is in the 15th percentile for weight and 35th percentile for height and the perspective of this book is from someone who is fat. I thought it would be more balanced and not “being fat made me hate things about myself until I embraced the word fat" but more about body acceptance generally, which to be fair, the book get to at the end. But the journey to the end has some words and thoughts that didn’t sit right for me. For example, although I understand where the author comes from in retaking the word fat to describe herself, it implies that is a ok word to use to describe other people. But I don’t think it is appropriate or polite for my daughter or son to use the word “fat” to describe someone and I think most people would not take kindly to be called fat. And the pages where she uses the word hate to describe certain aspects of herself is just so strong because my daughter doesn’t hate anything about herself and it’s introducing a loaded concept for young kids. I’m not sure of the age range this book is recommended for but I would suggest 13 and up.

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