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Press Release, Dec 2021

The creators of “A Kids Book About: The Podcast” are honored to be named one of Apple Podcasts’ Best of 2021. Each episode takes a thoughtful, friendly, and considered approach to explaining the big things in life like fear, failure, racism, divorce, and so much more.

Press Release, Oct 2021

Today, A Kids Company About released their first book on human biology, A Kids Book About Your Microbiome, by Ara Katz. This book invites kids (and their grownups) to discover the microbiome—the community of trillions of microbes (too small to see!) that live in, on, and all around us.

Press Release, Oct 2021

A Kids Company About released “A Kids Book About Imagination,” authored by actor, producer and podcaster, LeVar Burton. This book is the latest title in the A Kids Book About series, which launched the company in October 2019.

Press Release, Aug 2021

A Kids Company About launched today as an extension of the best-selling book series A Kids Book About. The brand is accelerating beyond books to offer multimedia conversation starters, including streaming classes and a podcast network.

Press Release, April 2021

Sharing a personal traumatic experience publicly can be daunting. Together with A Kids Book About, Evelyn wrote A Kids Book About Sexual Abuse for readers ages 5-9+ and their parents and counselors.

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