A Kids Book About Bullying


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For Ages 5+

Bullying doesn't always seem like it when it's happening, here's how to spot it.

Sometimes kids can be mean. Really mean. While sticks and stones might break some bones, words will always hurt more.  This book explores how hard bullying can be and how complicated it can be to call it what it is when it’s happening.  

Elizabeth Tom (she/her) is a high schooler who enjoys basketball, swimming, softball, and most of all horseback riding. She dreams of one day becoming an equine veterinarian. A hope of hers is to see people simply love people. Every day she is excited to see how God works in her life.

Hardback Size: 8in. x 10in.
Printed in the USA

eBook Format: EPUB
eBook ISBN: 978-1-951253-34-9
eBook Compatibility: iOS, iPadOS, and macOS devices
Read more about device compatibility here.

72 Pages

Copyright 2020
Designed in Portland, Oregon

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Catherine K.

A Kids Book About Bullying

Much needed

My daughter is currently struggling with a bully at school, and this book has helped her cope with her feelings as well seeing things from the other side. It’s tough being a kid. We look forward to next months box and continuing to learn and grow

Paige W.
Hard to use in clasa

I LOVE THE BOOKS. But I got them in digital form to make it easier to use when teaching social emotional skills and it’s not compatible to download on all of our tech at school. So pretty bummed.

Sarah M.

Great read. Awesome illustration. Definitely a story to read to every kid out there.

Good story but not super helpful

I love these books but this one wasn't my favorite. It did a great job of telling one person's story, but I was hoping it would tell kids how to recognize bullying, how to handle bullying, and how to stop it from happening, but it didn't so I was left wanting more.