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We'd love to help! Send an email to hello@akidsco.com.

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You bet.

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You bet we do! We love to see our books making an impact in your community by being available at schools, libraries, or nonprofits. Send an email to hello@akidsco.com to start the conversation!

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All books in our A Kids Book About series are written and recommended for kids 5-9. 

Our A Little Book About series is for kids 0-4.

Absolutely! We have example pages of each book on their respective product page on our website.

We also have weekly Storytime with A Kids Book About on our Instagram IGTV! Check it out here: instagram.com/akidsbookabout/channel


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Aside from hardback, we do offer eBooks! We do not offer paperback books at this time.



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Our podcasts are made for ages 6-12 and their grownups. Listen together, on the go, over breakfast or bedtime, or on your next roadtrip. Listen with the peace of mind that our shows were made with your kids in mind.

100%! We also offer ad-free episodes delivered early through our subscriptions on Apple Podcasts. Learn more here.

Listen to all of our podcasts ad-free, access new episodes one week early, and listen to bonus content exclusively through our podcast subscription on Apple Podcasts. Subscribe for $3.99 USD per month or $39.99 USD per year. Learn more here.

We think all of our podcasts are awesome, but, like a good book, we know how important it is to find the one that’s best for you. Start with the podcast trailer to see if it’s one you and your kid will enjoy.

Nope. You can listen right from the website!

Access your device’s podcast app (Apple Podcasts, Google Play, etc.) or use your podcast app of choice. Search for any one of our shows, click on the logo, and select the episode you’d like to hear.

Depends on the show, but usually no. We like to make our podcasts so you can jump in and get hooked at any point. And the past episodes will always be there waiting for you.

Absolutely! We love featuring the voices of kids whenever we can. Write to listen@akidspodcastabout.com and we’ll send you the details for recording for our various shows.

I mean, it’s totally possible! Sit down with your kid and send us a show pitch at listen@akidspodcastabout.com. Tell us the concept for the show, the audience you think it would best serve, and why you think the world needs this podcast. We love exploring new ideas.

You bet! Send us a show pitch at listen@akidspodcastabout.com. Tell us the concept for the show, the audience you think it would best serve, and why you think the world needs this podcast. Sound familiar? I told you we love exploring new ideas!

Spread the word! Recommend a show or an episode to your friends, family, a favorite teacher, or just someone you think needs to hear it. Follow the show on whatever platform you listen. Write us a review on Apple Podcasts (even if you use a different app to listen). Send us an email at listen@akidspodcastabout.com. Or just lean out of a window and shout your praises really, really loudly. Either way, we’re blushing over here. I promise.

Each and every one! Use the link on the website homepage to access.

Totally! Use the embed button on the website homepage.

Yes, but please be aware that the content of the episode is copyrighted material and should be treated as such. Please credit A Kids Podcast About and provide a link to the website where possible.


Yes, there's a 14 day free trial! Just Tap here.

All of the classes are designed for 10-15 year olds. While we think both younger and older kids could watch it, the classes were very intentionally made for teenagers.

Classes range from 50-60 minutes. Individual class chapters are 3-7 minutes long.

When you subscribe you will have access to all of our classes and their entire collection of class chapters.

Get access to all our content for $9.99 monthly or $59.99 annually.

Stream anytime on our website class.akidsco.com.

You can change your subscription status at any time by logging into your subscription and viewing your dashboard. If you need any additional help, send us an email at hello@akidsco.com.

We have native mobile and TV apps coming soon.

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