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Who is Simone Biles?

by Yazmin Macias / Sep 12, 2022
In this episode, host Matthew Winner dives into the career of Simone Biles and her path to becoming the greatest of all time in gymnastics. Looking at her Olympic accomplishments and the struggles she has faced, both past and present.

What’s the record for the longest Monopoly game?

by Yazmin Macias / Sep 12, 2022

Ever wondered how to set a world record? What are the current Guinness World Records for the game Monopoly? Host Arionne investigates what it takes to make and hold a world record, as well as what the current world records for Monopoly are. 

Does Antarctica have red rivers?

by Yazmin Macias / Sep 12, 2022
Karen Romano Young, a children’s author and illustrator, explains why the water in Blood Falls, Antarctica is red. Exploring the different research centers in Antarctica, following your dreams, and penguins.

Can food grow on Mars?

by Yazmin Macias / Sep 12, 2022

Talking about how to grow food on Mars, Voula Saridakis, a curator at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, explains habitability on Mars. Exploring what it takes to sustain life on another planet, and encouraging future generations to join the space industry. 

Where are the Olympics held every year?

by Yazmin Macias / Sep 12, 2022

How often do the Olympics happen? Where are the games held? Host Arionne talks with Dr. Katherine Mooney about the history of the Olympics and where the games are held every year.

Is it always daytime in Alaska?

by Yazmin Macias / Sep 12, 2022
Exploring the hours of daylight and nighttime in Alaska, host Arionnne talks with  Nerdette Podcast host and Alaskan native, Greta Johnsen.

How fast can cheetahs run?

by Yazmin Macias / Sep 12, 2022

Host Arionne speaks with Janet Rose-Hinostroza, who works in animal care management, about the speed of cheetahs. Talking about evolutionary adaptations and how to help prevent cheetahs from becoming extinct. 

How many teeth do snails have?

by Yazmin Macias / Sep 09, 2022
Host Arionne looks at the details of snails—the amount of teeth and how long they sleep for. In a discussion with a killer snail chemist, Dr. Mandë Holford, this episode explores why snails have teeth and the longest snails sleep for.