Our creative collaborations involve people, organizations, and companies committed to empowering a generation of kids and their grownups. When we collaborate, we don't just include diverse voices and stories; we champion them.


In light of all the current global conflict, this felt like the right book to create and just give away so kids everywhere can find some answers to their questions about war. We asked Sarah Jones, Emmy-winning journalist, to help us write A Kids Book About War. Sarah has spent her career reporting from conflict zones and covering international crises.

Banned Books

We partnered with the National Coalition Against Censorship to write A Kids Book About Banned Books. In this book, we explore why some books get banned and why the perspectives found in those books are often the most important.

Seed Health

Did you know that there are trillions of invisible microbes living inside, on, and around us? We’ve partnered with Seed Health, an organization pioneering the use of microbes through probiotics for human and planetary health, to bring you A Kids Book About Your Microbiome. Together we’re putting a microscope on these creatures and exploring their miniature world. They help us in more ways than you may think!


JUDY is a leader in the emergency preparedness space, offering kits, resources, and guides to help keep families safe. We’ve partnered with JUDY and Emergency Preparedness Expert, Soraya Sutherlin, CEM®, to bring you A Kids Book About Safety, to serve as a reminder for kids and grownups that despite how scary disasters can be, that we have the opportunity to prepare.

The GenderCool Project

Introducing The GenderCool Collection. Three essential books exploring gender identity and inclusion, written from the perspective of real teens from around the country.


We partnered with Next Up to create A Kids Book About Voting. They are a non-profit organization in Oregon, mobilizing and uplifting young voters and their voices to envision resilient and joyful communities by building an inclusive democracy of collaboration, innovation, justice, and authenticity.

Tulsa 1921

How we remember history matters. 100 years ago in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma the most destructive and deadly domestic terrorist attack in American history occurred. We worked with Tulsa historian Carlos Moreno to write A Kids Book About The Tulsa Race Massacre. We believe it important to inform kids and grownups about what unfolded and how the event is part of our country’s complex relationship with race.

Anti-Asian Hate

In response to the growing racism and Anti-Asian hate toward the Asian community, we partnered with Kim Pham, the daughter of Vietnamese immigrants who fled the war for a better life to create a completely FREE resource to help grownups and kids learn about it, talk about it, and help do something about it.


The world has never seen anything like COVID-19 before: it's affecting everyone! This book is written by a scientist who studies disease outbreaks and is meant to provide some answers and start discussions about what each of us can do to help keep our communities safer during the coronavirus pandemic.

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