A Kids Book About Mindfulness


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For Ages 7+

Mindfulness is more than just being present, it's knowing who you are.

Who are you? Are you your thoughts? Are you your feelings? Are you your hairstyle? Is that who you are? Or are you something more? This book doesn’t just teach kids how to be present with their thoughts—it helps them learn that mindfulness can lead to understanding WHO they are and WHY that matters.

Caverly Morgan (she/her) is the founder of Presence Collective and Peace in Schools, a nonprofit that specializes in teaching mindfulness to teens and teachers alike. She has been practicing mindfulness since 1995 and created the first for-credit mindfulness course in public high schools. As an artist and educator, Caverly brings insight, passion, and humor to her transformative work with students. As a teacher and public speaker, she shares the visions of liberation for all with the world at large.


Hardback Size: 8.00" x 10.50" x 0.50"
ISBN: 9780744098976
Printed in the China

88 Pages

Copyright 2024
Designed in Portland, Oregon

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Dustin A.

A Kids Book About Mindfulness

Abby L.
By far the most disappointing "A Kids Book About" thus far.

This is bad. We started our "A Kids Book About" collection with 3 books to try them out...we loved all three so much that I went on a spree and bought nearly all of their titles because they are so helpful with our kids (aged 2-13, though obviously not doing much for the 2 year old). We've not read them all yet, but this was the first one that I read and wasn't very happy with. In fact, I'm not even slightly happy with it. It's just bad. It has a very large amount of text to it, and really doesn't stay on topic. It's not until near the end that it even talks about how to be mindful, and by then the kids were mentally gone. It's rambling, and was even a bit hard for me to grasp what they were trying to say. This might work for middle schoolers (although my 6th and 8th graders were long gone about halfway through and normally they're very focused on our family reading time), so maybe high schoolers...if you could get them to sit and have you read a book to them. But as a former K-8 teacher and mom of 6, I do not see a situation in which this book would be helpful. I really wish this had been better, and we'll still continue with our other "A kids book about..." but this is the first one we've read that's a bit more abstract, so I'm hoping all of the more creative themed ones aren't this dissatisfying.

Haley H.
Who is this book for?

Elementary age students are not a realistic audience. This is a long, text heavy book, that strays from the point in a way that was difficult for students to follow and stay engaged with. Educators considering using this as a tool to teach about mindfulness may consider reading the introduction first - any who do will recognize that the word choice and writing style do not reflect an understanding of this age group. This is exacerbated by the choices made with visuals. A Kids Co tends to be guilty of prioritizing attractive page design over accessibility. Many of their books miss opportunities to offer visuals that help students connect with the content (something that absolutely can be achieved with fidelity to the distinctive AKC style). But this was the most starkly apparent example of that issue; for example, the long and unnecessary detour into musings about whether or not students’ parents were familiar with mindfulness were displayed on a series of otherwise blank pages. Students were lost by this point and the book was not even halfway done. The opportunities to practice mindfulness near the end of the book were lost because the journey to get to them was so boring and unfocused.

Wendy W.

The book is excellent and goes right to the heart of Mindfulness. It speaks as clearly to my inner child as much as it would to an actual kid. I'm looking forward to sharing it with the meditation group I facilitate (giving full credit, of course, to Caverly Morgan)

Katrina S.
Great conversation starter

Loved this so much! I have a yoga background and teach my students how to practice mindfulness every morning. This book is great at either reminding students or introducing the concept to students. I definitely recommend this book!