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High quality free children's books about difficult situations. Explore these selections to help your kid understand some of life’s toughest topics.


What do you know about Judaism? How about Orthodox Judaism? Whether it’s a lot or a little, this is the book for you! Read about this author’s experience growing up in an Orthodox Jewish community and how he and his community celebrate, believe, and worship. These traditions have been passed down for thousands of years and connect this worldwide community!

Being Muslim

Salaam! Or, peace be upon you. What does it mean to be Muslim American? Open this book to begin your journey. This author speaks from her personal experience and shares aspects of how she worships, the customs and traditions she follows, which are also universal to so many Muslim Americans. And, you’ll learn beautiful new words along the way! Most importantly, grow in your understanding of this community!


In June, we celebrate Pride, but what does that mean? Everyone wants to be accepted just as they are, and Pride is all about honoring and encouraging people to be their most authentic selves! To help kids understand the enduring bravery of LGBTQIA+ people, this book includes the story of a moment in history which sparked the fight for freedom and acceptance for this community and beyond—something worth celebrating every day.

School Shootings

This book matters more now than ever and we'd like to make it free for kids, grownups, parents, and educators everywhere. This book will help kids better understand what school shootings are and the emotions that come with the what if.

School Shootings Survivors

This book is by a school shooting survivor, for survivors. The author shares what has helped her find healing, but mostly provides encouragement, hope, and solidarity. You are not alone on this journey. You and your kid are part of a community that sees and knows your trauma.


Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapsed overnight and we found ourselves wishing we knew more about how banks worked… so, we made a book!

Anti-Asian Hate

In response to the growing racism and Anti-Asian hate toward the Asian community, we partnered with Kim Pham, the daughter of Vietnamese immigrants who fled the war for a better life to create a completely FREE resource to help grownups and kids learn about it, talk about it, and help do something about it.

Banned Books

We partnered with the National Coalition Against Censorship to write A Kids Book About Banned Books. In this book, we explore why some books get banned and why the perspectives found in those books are often the most important.


The world has never seen anything like COVID-19 before: it's affecting everyone! This book is written by a scientist who studies disease outbreaks and is meant to provide some answers and start discussions about what each of us can do to help keep our communities safer during the coronavirus pandemic.

Tulsa 1921

How we remember history matters. 100 years ago in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma the most destructive and deadly domestic terrorist attack in American history occurred. We worked with Tulsa historian Carlos Moreno to write A Kids Book About The Tulsa Race Massacre. We believe it important to inform kids and grownups about what unfolded and how the event is part of our country’s complex relationship with race.


In light of all the current global conflict, this felt like the right book to create and just give away so kids everywhere can find some answers to their questions about war. We asked Sarah Jones, Emmy-winning journalist, to help us write A Kids Book About War. Sarah has spent her career reporting from conflict zones and covering international crises.

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