A Kids Book About Banking


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Ages 5+

Learn all about banks and the magic of money.

When you think of a bank, what comes to mind? A building? A safe, filled with gold? What if we told you banks weren't any of these things? And (get ready for this)...most money isn’t even kept in the bank! Banking is a system that allows money to move from one place to another, creating opportunities and growth. And banks only work with a shared belief in the magic of money.

Mehrsa Baradaran (she/her) is a professor of law at the University of California, Irvine. She writes and teaches about contracts, banking law, and racial justice. She is from everywhere, but now lives in California.

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eBook ISBN: 978-1-958825-18-1
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64 pages

Copyright 2023
Designed in Portland, Oregon

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Michael A.J.
Great Teacher/Author!

She was my contracts professor in school, and she is very proficient at simplifying hard to understand concepts. Banking is obviously one of those concepts. Great book!

Gisa D.
a kids book about banking

This was an interesting and unexpected read. The idea of how we assign value to money was introduced a little to quick for my 7 year old, but with some additional conversations they're getting there. I've had to read this book with them sooo many times over the last few days! As with all the a kids book about books we have, they get fascinated with the ideas in the book and always want to hear it again and again and again. I love how they are developing a love for reading, learning and discovering through reading, and how we get to bond over talking about the books.

Banker Approved

I’ve been a banker for 7 years and have tried to explain to our 6 year old son how banking works and what I do at work and this book helped so much! It helps me come down to a child’s level of understanding and thought processing. Thanks!

Deborah C.
Get this book before opening a bank account fo ryour kid

easy to understand, informative & encourages your kid

Sasha D.
Magical thinking

What an unhelpful way to think about money! Money is about power and banking is about accumulations and distortions of that power. This book simply teaches kids to close their eyes and trust the banking system, which it literally describes as magic. The only magic is how any book published after 2008 can say this with a straight face. Definitely worth every penny.