A Kids Book About Banned Books


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Ages 6+

Start the conversation with your kids about banned books and their importance.

Every day in schools across the country books are challenged for carrying narratives, centering characters, and tackling topics that feel uncomfortable for some people. This book explains what book banning is and helps start a conversation about how reading and having access to new information and ideas helps us stop, think, and grow! 

The National Coalition Against Censorship is an alliance of over 50 national nonprofits. The NCAC has been fighting for kids’ rights to read since 1974. We believe that kids deserve to speak, learn, and create freely.

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eBook ISBN: 978-1-953955-71-5
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64 pages

Copyright 2022
Designed in Portland, Oregon

Did you know?

Hundreds of books for kids and teens are banned around the country, including our own A Kids Book About Racism.

The NCAC is an alliance of 50 American non-profit organizations, including literary, artistic, religious, educational, professional, labor, and civil liberties groups.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Ramon d.l.C.

Great breakdown of how arguments in favor of banning books are frequently disingenuous and why it's important to be faced with ideas that challenge you and that you may not agree with.

Taylor D.

Excellent and so needed! Thank you for putting words to such horrendous actions reflective of bigotry and fear. Education is the only path to growth and peace

Thalia P.
Awesome concept and opportunity

I plan to read this with many children in my life, but especially with my Little (my mentee from BBBS). I love being able to help share and educate our younger generation! Thank you.


This is a great book with an important message. It's a great way to start the conversation with kids AND adults about something going on in the world right now!

Savannah K.

Important & timely — READ THIS BOOK!