A Kids Book About Being a Scientist


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For Ages 5+

Everyone can be a scientist, every day!

Are you a curious person? Do you ask “why” a lot? Do you like discovering new things? Then I have a secret for you…you may be a scientist! Learn from this author (a fellow scientist) about what being a scientist is all about. Celebrate the scientist in you—keep wondering, keep asking questions, and never stop learning!

Christopher Reddy (he/him) studies plastic pollution and oil spills at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. His research has led him to explore beaches, sail to the middle of the ocean, and dive to the bottom of the sea. Chris is committed to highlighting the wonder and awe of science to kids.

Hardback Size: 8in. x 10in.
ISBN: 979-8-89281-074-6
Printed in the USA

66 pages

Copyright 2024
Designed in Portland, Oregon

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