A Kids Book About Brain Health


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For Ages 5+

Brain health is important for everyone, and it’s never too late to start taking care of your brain!

Have you ever thanked your brain for all it does for you? Try it out! Our lives depend on keeping our brains healthy. We use our brain in everything we do, so it's important to protect and care for them every day. Your brain is AMAZING (and so are you!).

Dr. Krystal Culler (she/her) is a doctor of behavioral health and passionate advocate for brain health. LeAnne Stuver (she/her) is a nurse educator who loves to talk about brain health. Through their Virtual Brain Health Center, they are on a mission to share brain care for all—educating about brain health from their office in Ohio for grownups and kids around the world.

Hardback Size: 8in. x 10in.
ISBN: 978-1-958825-75-4
Printed in the USA

66 pages

Copyright 2023
Designed in Portland, Oregon

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Eric M.
Simple and strong!

"A Kids Book About Brain Health" is a remarkable addition to the world of children's literature, providing an accessible and engaging exploration of an often overlooked subject—brain health. In this thoughtfully written book, young readers and their parents are taken on a journey through the intricacies of the human brain.

-Eric Myricks (he/him), Founder and CEO of The Elijah Rock Foundation Inc., Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health, Friend of the Authors

Shannon W.
Highly recommend!

Understanding what brain health is and how to promote it for yourself and others can be a very nebulous task! Trying to wrap one's arms around all that constitutes brain health can be overwhelming for some. This book perfectly and comprehensively outlines how to live and maintain a brain-healthy lifestyle for children and adults alike. I highly recommend this for one and all!

-Shannon Wallace, CDP, CDC, Certified Dementia Practitioner, Certified in Dementia Care, and a colleague and friend of, and collaborator with Krystal and the VBHC

Dr. B.L.
Timely and important!

A timely and important kids book about the brain and why we need to look after it from an early age. Perfect to get the brain health conversation going between parents and children, with clear explanations of how and why we need to pay attention to our brains. Two thumbs up!

-Dr. Brian Lawlor, MD, FRCPI, FRCPsych, Site Director, Global Brain Health Institute, Professor of Old Age Psychiatry, Trinity College Dublin

Dr. L.B.P.
Education, entertaining, and warm!

This beautiful children’s book is educational, entertaining and warm! It builds a strong foundation about brain health knowledge and sparks important conversation topics for both kiddos and their parents. I am delighted this book exists, congrats to the authors for this work!

-Dr. Laura Booi, Ph.D. (she/her), Brain Health Research and Consultant

Kali S.
Informative and vibrant!

A Kids Book About Brain Health is a remarkable children's book that educates young readers about the complexness of the brain while equipping them with the tools to nurture their cognitive health. The captivating narrative and vibrant illustrations make learning about brain health fun and accessible. This book skillfully conveys the importance of brain health in an empowering way, providing children (and grownups) with essential knowledge and a lifelong appreciation for mental well-being.

-Kali A. Sarver, M.S. (she/her), researcher and friend of the authors