A Kids Book About Pride


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Ages 5+

Learn about Pride, its history, and the importance of celebrating all year long.

In June, we celebrate Pride, but what does that mean? Everyone wants to be accepted just as they are, and Pride is all about honoring and encouraging people to be their most authentic selves! To help kids understand the enduring bravery of LGBTQIA+ people, this book includes the story of a moment in history which sparked the fight for freedom and acceptance for this community and beyond—something worth celebrating every day.

Kendall Clawson (she/her) lives in the Pacific Northwest and was the first executive director of Q Center, Oregon’s LGBTQIA+ community center. She currently works in philanthropy and believes community change often comes from unexpected leaders.

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72 pages

Copyright 2022
Designed in Portland, Oregon

Giving back.

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Meet Kendall.

Kendall Clawson (she/her) lives in the Pacific Northwest and loves traveling, playing with dogs, and eating at food trucks.

Customer Reviews

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Heather L.

No comment.

Marissa P.
Plain and simple

Thank you for this straightforward resource!

Sylvia F.

This book is exactly what is needed for our youth to understand the history and significance of Pride. Well-done!

Andrea L.

A Kids Book About Pride

Carmen B.

This book is both beautiful and powerful. The author turned the history of LGBTQIA+ people into a powerful story about leadership and perseverance. I loved it!