A Kids Book About Radical Dreaming


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For Ages 5+

Learn the power of radical dreaming and practice it today!

Radical dreaming is having the hope and courage to dream BIG, no matter who you are, where you come from, or what others might say. The author describes a kind of dreaming that breaks all barriers and knows no bounds, and encourages readers to adopt the habit of radical dreaming—no matter how old they are—as a means to create the positive, inclusive, life-changing realities we wish to see!

Alvin (he/him) is a designer, futurist, strategist, and illustrator. As an equity designer he uses foresight and BizOps strategy to help companies and government agencies make impactful products and services. Besides hanging with his partner and 2 kids, you’ll find him reading N.K. Jemison or a Black Panther comic book.

Hardback Size: 8in. x 10in.
ISBN: 978-1-958825-11-2
Printed in the USA

66 pages

Copyright 2023
Designed in Portland, Oregon

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Robert S.

An inspiring testament to the power of imagination, both for children and adults!

Rachael D.L.

A Kids Book About Radical Dreaming is a beautiful example of how vital it is to nurture our inner child. Alvin reminds us that we need ongoing encouragement—throughout our lives—and that there is power in courageous compassion for one another’s dreams. This book is so tender, timely, and a gift for the current and future makers, doers, and radical dreamers. You’ll want to read this for yourself and the kiddos in your life. -Rachael Dietkus (she/her), LCSW, founder of Social Workers Who Design

Sabrina M.
Also for my younger self

As I read this book to my niece, I was also reading it to my younger self—the kid with so many ideas in a world that teaches us conformity. Alvin's story is a touching and powerful reminder to the child that lives in all of us to find pride in our imagination and to dream wildly and unapologetically. I'm excited to continue reading this book to my niece as she grows, so that she never forgets how beautiful and necessary her dreams are to the world.
-Sabrina Meherally (she/her), founder & CEO, pause + effect

Brian W.
Right on time.

A Kids Book About Radical Dreaming is right on time as it outlines a path for kids and parents to remain hopeful in these uncertain times. Through reflection and vulnerability, Alvin Schexnider offers an approach to building a community of dreamers who will bring forth brighter days. My daughter is almost two and I often wonder what she will dream about and how I can help her realize those dreams. A Kids Book About Radical Dreaming opened my eyes to the idea that maybe the best thing I can do is encourage Ellie to find other dreamers. -Brian Whittaker, founder, Humans of Public Service