A Kids Book About School Shootings



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For Ages 5+

This book will help kids better understand what school shootings are and the emotions that come with the what if.

School shootings have become an increasingly common and tragic reality. And while they’re not as common as they feel, they are still very real, and so is the fear, anxiety, and trauma that comes with the awareness of them. This book will help grownups and kids start important conversations about school shootings and encourage everyone to be prepared for emergencies while reminding us that we should never let fear take over our lives.

Crystal Woodman Miller is an author, speaker, Columbine shooting survivor, mental health advocate, and warrior of hope who encourages others in the challenges they face. She’s also the creative director of making magical memories for her 3 kids and husband and attempts to love others like she has been loved by God.

Hardback Size: 8in. x 10in.
ISBN: 978-1-953955-08-1
Printed in the USA

72 pages

Copyright 2021
Designed in Portland, Oregon

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lisa A.
Thorough and Comprehensive

This book covers the complete range of emotions that kids (and grownups) may feel when thinking about or practicing for a school shooting. The language is clear and the use of the font size and color was really effective. I will definitely use this book with my kids to open up the lines of communication and to acknowledge their feelings.

Very good book

My 8 year old has been struggling with the news lately. This book was easy for her to read on her own (repeatedly) after we read it together. It felt very honest coming from a survivor.

Dori K.
Thank You, Crystal

As an educator who has worked with students post a shooting, I appreciate this thoughtful book that empowers children with language and strategies. Thank you, Crystal and thank you A Kids Book About for a much needed resource.

Terri D.
Timely, Well Written, A Must Have Book

As an educator who is also a mass shooting survivor, I have had to keep my students calm during a lock down. Thankfully, the threat did not prove out, but our children live with this fear daily. They need to have a way to talk, express emotions and thoughts, in a safe manner. This book, written by the amazing Crystal Woodman Miller, is a fabulous way to open up the conversation with our youngest generation. My hope is that books like this will teach our young people to not live in fear, AND to also recognize that expressing the difficult feelings can hopefully help lead to an end to school shootings entirely.

Beverly K.
Incredible Resource for Children & Adults!

Excellent book written with true compassion and truthfulness. Written by a survivor and a mom who looks to help our youth and adults through a world that sadly can be very terrifying. Highly recommend!