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A set of 3 plain notebooks for kids to write, draw, and explore their thoughts.

After kids read our books, they usually have a conversation with a grownup about what they read. But what comes next? These little notebooks! They're designed to be whatever kids want them to be. All the pages are blank. No lines. No dots. No prompts. Just wide open space for kids to express themselves.

Paperback Size: 3.5in. x 5in.
Pages: 32
Pack: 3 notebooks
Printed in the USA
100% Recycled paper

Copyright 2020
Designed in Portland, Oregon

Made in Partnership with Scout Books.

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Sorry, but no dragons or princesses here. Kids have real experiences, ideas, and questions. These books talk up to them, treat them like they’re smart, and create space for conversation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Megan M.
Perfect space!

I put the little notebooks in my kids backpacks that they take hiking with Cub Scouts. They have jotted pictures, sights and new discoveries. I even found a leaf and feather pressed between the pages!! Such a perfect size for little hands with big thoughts! Thank you!

Madelyn M.S.

Excite to see my little one taking notes and drawing about the topics brought up in the AKBA collection!

Blank white pages inside. Easy to carry with you!

Matthew S.
Fun gift

A great place for sharing thoughts and doodles.

Robin G.
Nice size for quick notes or small artwork

My 4 yr old granddaughter liked this notepad. But I think it could use a little pizazz in the design. Not very many pages. It’s a handy size for taking on travels.

Great Size

Perfect for a pocket or to tuck away somewhere and have handy. My grandsons are sure going to enjoy these.