A Little Book About Family

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Who’s your family?

Family is special because it looks different for each of us! And no matter what your family looks like, you know you’ve found it when you feel happy and at home. 

Stephen Green (he/him) is a recovering banker and an average dad of 3 who thanks his lucky stars each day that he got to marry his best friend.

Edmund "Mundo" Holmes (he/him) creates art that brings focus to different perspectives and stretches your brain. He loves learning new things, spreading good vibes, and sharing positive energy.

Hardback Size: 5.625in. x 5.625in

ISBN: 978-1-951253-98-1

Printed in the USA 

Copyright 2021

Designed in Portland, Oregon

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Mary M.
Love this book

Good for my great grandson 💙 👏

Thomas S.S.

A Little Book About Family

Jelani M.

A Little Book About Family

Matthew W.
Family is Family

I love this book's emphasis on an expansive definition of family. What a terrific thing to drive home right from the start with our youngest readers. The illustrations also feel like something I haven't seen in a board book before. Terrific.

Savannah R.
My little ones new favorite book

My 2 year old chooses to read this book nightly. It has helped her understand our family, as her dad lives in a different house. I so appreciate this book!

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