Sarah Jones Breaks It Down

by AKCA Team / May 05, 2022
A weekly news podcast for kids and grownups who want to understand what’s happening around the world and why it’s happening now. Emmy award...

It's OK to Ask

by AKCA Team / Nov 22, 2021
You regularly confront situations where it’s not clear what to do, what to say, or how to respond. It’s OK to ask for help. That’s why we’re making...

Everyday Feels

by AKCA Team / Sep 23, 2021
A Kids Podcast About Emotions. Hosted by Nakita Simpson and pediatric psychologist Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart, each episode starts with a memory share...

Camp Adventure

by AKBA Team / Aug 07, 2021
This year, camp is in your living room. Camp is in your car on the way to the store. Camp is under your blanket fort. Camp is everywhere. Camp Adve...

A Kids Book About: The Podcast

by AKBA Team / Aug 05, 2021
A kids podcast about the things that matter, like racism, body image, and belonging. Each episode opens up the dialogue we've begun in our groundbr...

Sound It Out

by AKBA Team / Aug 02, 2021
A Kids Podcast About Words. How we use them. What they mean. And why they’re so darn important. Learn a new word every week with host Kathy Burnett...

Worth Noting

by AKBA Team / Aug 02, 2021
We know the news can be heavy. World events can be confusing. But no one should miss out on history as it’s being made. It’s not always easy to kno...

The Activators!

by AKBA Team / Aug 02, 2021
Join kid activist Leo, founder of Dance for Justice, as he celebrates and amplifies kids who are activating social change by doing what they love.