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I appreciated how this book broke down the topic.

Thorough and Comprehensive

This book covers the complete range of emotions that kids (and grownups) may feel when thinking about or practicing for a school shooting. The language is clear and the use of the font size and color was really effective. I will definitely use this book with my kids to open up the lines of communication and to acknowledge their feelings.

Great topic for kids

I absolutely love all of these books! Voting is a great topic to talk about especially right now in this election year.

I am so grateful I have a way to open dialogue

Excellently useful

I needed this quick because of clients in crisis. Thank you for a prompt process.

A Kids Book About Empathy

Well-written, good it with my kids and they asked so many good questions! A book that needs to be on every parents' bookshelf!

A kids book about Optimism

My granddaughter loved this book! She is 10 years old.

Love it!

Great read and my son loves the colors!

This is my niece’s new favorite book after she received it as a gift for Christmas!

A Kids Book About Bullying

Wonderful book it covers important feelings and issues surrounding grief

Uninteresting and I think much more could have been done with the topic

A Kids Book About Self-Love

Just ok. Lacks imagination.

Love this book, thank you Yonina!!

Dear Followers from Yonina's book, this is truly a momentise accasion that Yonina finally put out her book!! It was sooo great and taught me so many great skills for life that were in her book. Please egt this book and have the chance to know great skills for life.

Spectacular Installment

Greetings, comrads! I would like to take this opportunity to report an amazing new read for young lads. Indeed, this book is one for the ages! Why, read and be enlightened. Why, read and learn the ways. Why, read it already. Why, Yonina knows how to truly report amazing words of wisdom. Thou shall read it noweth!


Yonina's book is so awesome! Love it all day and night. Yo, one time I was reading her book at a bus stop and the person next to me said, "Whatcha doin'?". I was like, if you don't buy this book, you be missing out on some quality stuff. Like, bro, this book is a frog in the ocean, a tadpole in the goldmine, and such!

Yonina's Book

Dear Followers, Yonina's book is sooo great!! She really outdid herself she put so much efert into the book, and thats why it is so good.
You should get this book for so many reasons. For Parenting, and about feeling good about yourself.

Yonina is also my former aunt and I know her spot on and when you know her you know her spunky and funky self.


Such an amazing book, not gonna lie.

Great discussion for kiddos!

We always say in our house that every day is earth day! This book is a great addition to that constant conversation to take care of Mother Earth!

Please read the email that I sent or let me know if you can’t find it.

It was a nice book for a kid to read. I agreed with the sentiment or point of view and it was presented in a warm, heartfelt way appropriate for an early reader.

This book is great… for all ages!

Bought this for my partner’s 9 year old son but glad I bought it for us, too. As an adult with little experience with grief, I think this will also help me navigate grief and be more understanding of what my partner is going through. We’ve been impressed by all of the A Kids Co books we’ve purchased, but this may be among our favorites for its clarity and simple way of explaining such a complex emotion and process. It delicately and expertly captures things we didn’t think to communicate ourselves, reminding readers that it’s okay to feel sadness and joy; to miss your loved one and still have fun playing with friends. I’m not sure I’ll ever have the words to explain why I love this book so much, but I’ll definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to start a conversation about grief.

Very Comprehensive

I read this book to my 5 year old and I was terrified. I thought she would become paranoid or would say “this has happened to me”. While the book cannot control the latter, she took all the information in as fact and I am so grateful.

I heard her joking with her dad a few days later and she said “I’ll take a picture of my butt” and her dad said “we don’t take pictures of people’s butts” to which she said “oh yeah. That’s sexual abuse”.

I am eternally grateful for a comprehensive book that broke it down in ways I personally could not.

A kids book about money