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Exciting for kids!

This easy-to-access book presents information about social workers in a clear and exciting way for children. Students in my classroom were eager to read it independently as well as together. It provided readers an opportunity to have meaningful conversations about a new topic in the classroom! -Alexa Johnson, educator


A charming story a child could love with pertinent and helpful facts fixed in at an age appropriate level. Highly recommend.

Highly recommend!

I enjoyed this book. I thought it was easy to read. I especially enjoyed how Timisha used her life experiences to highlight how she came into the profession. Her experiences make the book very relatable! I know that Timisha is a person who cares deeply about others and has a unique way of counseling and supporting her friends, family and clients!

This is a great book to share with kids (and adults alike) to help them get a perspective on social work that is not always highlighted! The human perspective! This is the embodiment of how one’s life can motivate and propel them into paying kindness, compassion, and community forward. I highly recommend it!

Perfect starting point for understanding healthy habits

As a health educator and parent, this book demonstrates how healthy habits can be simple everyday tasks to help kids and parents feel a sense of accomplishment. It’s a great book for kids of all ages and a great tool for parents to help kids take pride in setting SMART goals right away. This book is a great addition to all home libraries.

A thought provoking book that kids can understand!

This book is full of information that is helpful for both the parents and children. It discusses ways to take care of yourself in a way that kids can understand. My kids were giggling and engaged the whole time. My four year old set a SMART goal at the end of the book with some guidance from mom. What an amazing resource to have on your bookshelf! Definitely recommend!


If you were never 100% sure how to plan healthy habits for yourself, this book will absolutely help you do it! It has ideas and teaches the principles of SMART goal setting in an easy to understand way.

My son loves it!

My 6 yo loves to learn and he loves this book! We’ll be keeping it for generations.

Will read it for years!

Trish Turo did an incredible job on this book! It is a fun and engaging read evening for the youngest readers. While our one year-old may not be taking in the content deeply, we are, and she does enjoy the bright colors and graphics! Our family will certainly be using this book for years, and it is already helping these two parents strike up conversation about how to best start, and keep strong, healthy habits.

Fun learning

Love the collaborative learning process. Kids love books so it’s a fun way to learn about healthy habits!

Perfect for all ages!!

As a homeschool mom, I am always trying to find good quality literature to teach my children. This book is great to help them learn how healthy habits are incorporated into our day to day life. This may be a kids book, but I think it’s enjoyable for all ages.

Empowering life skills for kids!

Trish has done an amazing job of unpacking such useful concepts that most of us don’t learn until adulthood if at all. I love the S.M.A.R.T. Goals section, and the simple and practical advice in an easy to understand format. Congrats to the author and to all of the kiddos who will grow and benefit from this book!

A Precious Gift

While behavior change is a fairly well-known thing now, it likely is a set of skills most adults have learned as adults, and thus something not intuitively included in parenting for many. Trish Turo is out to change that, and this book is her precious gift to both parents and children to help make that happen. Written in accessible language with a fresh, engaging style, A Kids Book About Healthy Habits will go a long way towards demystifying the change process for children, and it provides clear examples and actionable skills they can practice and implement in their lives from day 1. I highly recommend this book for parents and educators alike, as it contains helpful and potentially life-changing information!

Perfect SMART Start!

This book is exactly what I needed to help explain the importance of healthy eating, living, and thinking to my 5-year-old. It breaks down big concepts into achievable chunks for kids to understand and start to implement. We love this book!

Great Book!

A Kids Book About OCD is an absolute gem in the sea of resources for kids and parents diving into the world of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Its gentle yet super informative tone guides kids and grownups through the maze of OCD with understanding and empowerment. And I loved the illustrations! But here's the cherry on top: it's penned by an 11-year-old with OCD! How cool is that? It's real and it's relatable!

Fun book for all!

This book is a fun and educational book for both kids and parents. For the kids, the book takes a complex idea and breaks it into simple terms for them. You can read and hear the funny light hearted the tone the author has written, and it’s super interactive with the kids.

For the parents, it’s a good reminder that the kids haven’t fully developed ability to control their focus yet. It also teaches parents how to re-direct the kids focus in a more productive way than resorting to yelling and frustrations.

All in all, definitely recommended for both adults and kids alike.

Applause and Accolades

Reading this book with my daughter was so much fun! I loved the way the author’s voice talked to us directly and asked us questions. The author’s voice was funny and informative. The content matter is scientific in nature, but the author does a very good job of defining the terms in kid friendly language. I also like that we are reminded that our brains and bodies do so much for us. Reading this book was a shared experience between myself, my daughter and the author’s voice and this experience was unique and wonderful.

Love this book!

An insightful journey into the world of ADHD, this read-together book offers a refreshing perspective balancing the unique challenges of ADHD with the joys and strengths of individuals with ADHD. The empathetic narration and engaging illustrations educate and empower kids (and grownups) to embrace their uniqueness. This must-read for families navigating ADHD fosters understanding and acceptance with each turn of the page.

Great book

Read with my kids who had lots of questions about what empathy and compassion can look like. Great conversation starter about wider topics like internet safety too.

A needed book for all ages!

Such a sweet, accessible books that should be in every school library! Our culture is so focused on individualism and nuclear family units, and it was refreshing to read a kid’s book that focused on love, community and the idea that you can find your people anywhere. Thank you for writing this Madi!

Conversation starter

Great book to start a SMART conversation with kids about healthy habits. After reading this book, our five year old daughter volunteered to set a goal of eating fruit every morning for a week (without prompting). "A kids book about healthy habits" provides a clear, understandable, and fun conversation to initiate discussion of good and bad habits.

Mental Health Bundle

A kids book about chosen and family

Love! Love! Love this book! Very much needed in our world today excellent topic, beautifully written.

Fun for all ages

I bought this book to read with my infant but it’s come to be a favorite for my 7 year old too. It’s not easy to find a book that interests them book! Grateful for the bright, fun pages but also the important message!

Raising Strong Girls 💪🏼

We love our little book collection and this is one of our favorites.

A Little Book about Our Aunties

My little girls aunties are activists. And so when we read this book we call it “A Little Book about Our Aunties” and we talk about Aunt R & Aunt L who stand up for what they believe in