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A Kids Book About Boredom

A Kids Book About Imagination

The book has an awesome message and beautiful illustrations. It definitely motivated myself and my students to flex our imagination muscles!

The updated parenting book the world needs

Friends and family have been looking for a more inclusive, representative, and relevant parenting book than what's been available. This is exactly what they've been looking for. This is the book I wish my parents had when they were raising me. I'm excited to gift this book to every new parent of my friends and family moving forward!

The world needs this book!

This book is a wonderful guide for new parents! The writing is so authentic and welcoming, it reminds you that in the journey of parenthood there are lots of ups and downs, different experiences, and difficult decisions. But this book reminds you that you're not alone and that the most important thing is that you show up for the little ones in your life. I love the personal anecdotes and the diversity of all the parents represented in this book.

Incredible and diverse

This is the book I wish I had when I was starting my parenting journey. A must read for new parents.

It's so beautiful. And the perfect gift.

I have several friends who just had their first baby. Pairing this with a few board books (A Little Book About Bravery is my favorite) for Christmas gifts.

A Kids Book About Equality

Perfect educational book

Purchased this book as a way to facilitate communication for young woman coming out to her grandparents (both older in their 80s). Simple and powerful concepts and easy to read. Great for people of all ages.

An excellent resource for parents and teachers

The more kids under about autism, the better they will be able to assist and support those on the spectrum. This is a wonderful book that every child and parent should read.

If parents are totally unable to discuss depression with their kids this probably would help, but it somehow seems to miss the mark. I don’t think it really addresses the recurring thoughts where you mentally berate yourself for real or imagined bad things you’ve done.

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Margaret A.
Great Books!!

My granddaughters are loving these books. I am thankful that I saw Jelani at TedTalk! Change my world and what is appropriate with the changing landscape for children!

A kids Book About Self-Love

Nice Book to read. Even my 13 year-old liked it.

I gave it as a gift

Fantastic Book!

I bought this for my granddaughter who is having her 5th birthday later this month. I read through it, and as a retired educator, I recommend highly recommend it.

A must read.

If you don’t know where to start. START HERE. Read this book with your kids and then read it again. Normalize that we are all unique. Normalize talking about diversity and differences. Thank you Sam and Rebecca.

Great insight

Have shared this book with many friends as well. Great book to start the discussion w kids

Perfect for Adults and Kids

This book is a gentle reminder to reflect on the daily occurrences that often get overlooked, like having clean water to drink or enjoying a sunny-day. The book inspired our family to put into practice a daily-gratitude journal where we each write down one thing we are grateful for each day, which then leads into our dinnertime conversation. This practice is helping our kids build resilience when things aren't going well. We pull out the journal and this book to remind ourselves that even in difficult times, we can find a way to change our perspective by remembering all that we are grateful for!

Good conversation starter

Book is good for introducing the topic about racism and talking to kids about this difficult subject.

Loved it!!

Awesome read. I Enjoyed read it just as much as my daughter did!

Age-appropriate and beautifully done!!!

This book is just perfect. Explains activism in an easy-to-follow way for little ones (and some adults, lol!) If you're thinking about it– get it, and you'll get it again and again for babies and kids of friends and family!

Nice flow

Nice story telling or anecdotal flow which makes it easy to understand / connect with.


This simple but impactful book met the kids right where they needed.

When I read this book, I feel happy, excited, curious, and inspired

I’ve gifted this to like 5 people because it’s just so good!

Would love to see it as a journal with the book as it is now at the front, followed by more pages like the ones that give space to write and draw. Including lists of additional emotion words or other low demand nuggets of information about emotions every 10 pages or so could be nice but not necessary.

Charming, warm, and clear

Very thoughtfully created and easy for students to connect with

Who is this book for?

Elementary age students are not a realistic audience. This is a long, text heavy book, that strays from the point in a way that was difficult for students to follow and stay engaged with. Educators considering using this as a tool to teach about mindfulness may consider reading the introduction first - any who do will recognize that the word choice and writing style do not reflect an understanding of this age group. This is exacerbated by the choices made with visuals. A Kids Co tends to be guilty of prioritizing attractive page design over accessibility. Many of their books miss opportunities to offer visuals that help students connect with the content (something that absolutely can be achieved with fidelity to the distinctive AKC style). But this was the most starkly apparent example of that issue; for example, the long and unnecessary detour into musings about whether or not students’ parents were familiar with mindfulness were displayed on a series of otherwise blank pages. Students were lost by this point and the book was not even halfway done. The opportunities to practice mindfulness near the end of the book were lost because the journey to get to them was so boring and unfocused.