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Great book!

This book is great! Wish I would have had this when I was a kid!

Wonderful Message!

Wonderful message for our children.

Great book!

Pleasantly surprised at how well this is written for a kiddo to understand. It is so important for kids to learn consent and I am so happy this book exists!

A Kids Book About Emotions

This book is a wonderful conversation started and really helps my children to understand and process all of their feelings big and small.

Excellent read & resource

This book is an excellent resource for teachers, students, and parents! It provides helpful and educational information to readers while providing first hand knowledge and experience. I have had the pleasure of teaching this brave and exceptional young boy who demonstrated resilience and courage while dealing with differences in the transformative early years of school. His ability to convey his experiences, teach others, and provide awareness about alopecia is truly inspiring. This book will always be used as a resource for my classroom to incorporate awareness of differences and build social/emotional acceptance among all. It is a must read!

A Kids Book About Therapy

Great book!

My daughter (9) has had alopecia since she was a little girl and she outgrew many of the children’s books about alopecia. But this book, she absolutely loved this book! Not only did the book generate conversation in our household about a condition we’ve had for years, the book humbly and subtly covers EVERYTHING someone with alopecia can relate to! From other adults assuming alopecia is cancer to girls with alopecia having it worse than boys and even reassuring ME, a worried mom, that it’s ok to not have the answers, that it’s ok NOT to keep looking for a ‘cure’ as long as my daughter is happy with who and where she is on her journey. Amazing. All the other books speak only to those with alopecia, while this book does that but also is aimed to reach many children who have no idea what alopecia is! It goes over the science, the speculations, the truths. I am a fan. I bought this for other family members wanting to learn more and spread awareness. Thank you, Bergson, for sharing your story!

I love A Kids Book About Alopecia!

I love "A Kids Book About Alopecia" by Bergson Van. I love this book for many reasons, but the main reason is because Bergson is just a kid and nailed it! He writes about many of the things the Children's Alopecia Project promotes. I always say it's about who you are and not what you have on your head, and if anyone has a problem with that, it's their problem, not yours. Bravo to Bergson and to the A Kids Co. team for writing and publishing this book and I am happy to announce this book is part of the Children's Alopecia Project Library Program!!

-Jeff Woytovich, Founder - Children's Alopecia Project

Empowering book!

This is a thoughtful explanation of diabetes and it’s impact. I wish that I had this book years ago when my father was diagnosed.

After reading it I came away with a better understanding of the weight of the disease but also came away with hope and calmness about it.

Another gem!

I bought a membership for my 3 year old grandson and he loves these books! Every month we look forward to their arrival and to sharing the new topic! Little Book About Trust was another one that he wanted to read over and over (we usually read them 5-6 times when they arrive) and really enjoyed. It takes another squishy, hard to concretely describe to a small child concept and gives a simple, straight forward explanation with easy to grasp examples. Thank you for providing a starting point for talking about important topics with young children! <3

Lalo Bundle
Nicole S.

I loved the books and gave them to a dear friend when her LO arrived. She loved them. I plan on getting her others as time goes on. My boys are 11 and 12 now but we loved a bunch of a kids book about topics!

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shana L.

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Nicely explained

Presented a difficult topic in a insightful and meaningful way.

Very worthwhile

Important concept is that anger is a normal reaction to certain situations.
Using this powerful emotion for good is most helpful to both youngesters and adults.


Enjoyed the format..having input from adult and youngster.
The concept of color, drawing made for a different approach.


My daughter didn't have usual level of excitement for this as with other books. It could be her maturity & reading level but she was quick to let me take it to my students.

Just Right

I have been introducing this topic (consent) with my littles since they were toddlers, but I hoped this book would begin to explore the complexity of consent in an age appropriate way, and it was perfect! The book was easy to follow for my 7 and 4 year old, but definitely opened up some new conversations around a happy yes and a reluctant yes. I feel like it was exactly what I was looking for, and will help me continue to expand on this topic as the kids are growing and able to build on their understanding of boundaries. Great add to our library!

i would have benefited from this book

This is a really great way to educated a young child that failure is not only an inevitable occurrence, but an invaluable source of education!


Such a lovely book, very easy to understand, totally inclusive, thoughtful and articulate. Children of all ages can enjoy this book.

Highly recommend

We own several of the A Kids Co. books, but this is the one I keep coming back to the most. It has even helped me think about my own self-understanding as an adult! My children have been internalizing its messages in new ways as they grow, and it was one of the books I selected to read to a class of first graders. My kid's classmates loved it and begged to borrow all of the books I brought. Of course, by the end of the school year, this was the one that had been passed around so much that it got lost. I didn't mind, though. I hope it is serving another child and their friends well wherever it is. I got another copy!

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Liana W.
Great Conversation Startee

I order these for my niece and it’s a great way to start discussions with her, and to share feelings and thoughts that she wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity to do in her family circle. Appreciate the vast array of topics offered.

This is a great book for the very young.

This book explains the process used, and the reach/limitations on book bans in a way that is easily comprehendible. If you want children to understand this subject this book is a great launching point!

In 2007, at the age of 65, I was diagnosed withType-1 diabetes. Oh how I wish that I would have had the benefit of Karli’s excellent book when I was diagnosed in order to allay my fears about dealing with the disease! Not only would I have greatly benefited from the information and advice contained in that easy-to-read book, I certainly would have strongly encouraged my family to read it. Karli did a wonderful job simply explaining the disease to those who are afflicted with it & their families.
Thanks to Karli for writing the book and to you for publishing it!

It was a good book. When can I play video games?? -Elijah Maynard, author's kid reader