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Moving and Relatable

GiGi writes in a way that is relatable to children and inspiring to adults. One of the best books in the “Kids book about” series. A Winner! 👏🏻❤️

Inspiring Book!

This book is remarkable and has such an inspiring story for both kids and adults. ❤️❤️❤️

Incredible and powerful story

Can't wait to read this with the kids in my life.

Climate Change

Loved the simplicity of this book. Easy to understand a complex issue facing our planet.


My son loved this, I did too! It’s super interactive which is cool. I really enjoy all of the kids co books but this is my favorite!

A Little Book About Culture

Our little family loved reading this book together. It's awesome to celebrate and know how important culture is whatever yours is. Thank you to Denise and Andrea for this delightful book!

A Kids Book About Incarceration

Perfectly Written!

No matter what age, this was well written and left my 12 yr old daughter with more of an understanding then she did prior. We all struggle with Anxiety at times in our life and the more you know, the better equipped you are to handling it IRL. I wish all kids had a copy. Well Done!! Cheers!

I bought this for my baby niece, but loved sharing it with my 8 and 11 year old first and it led to a great discussion. It is simple, empowering and a valuable message for kids of any age.

A Kids Book About Love

Gorgeous design and beautiful words about love. So happy to add to my collection!

A Kids Book About Racism

Lalo Bundle
Love this set

Great books with a great message, and my 4 month old absolutely loves the illustrations. They’re also the perfect size to throw in a bag or take traveling. Would recommend to anyone!

Just brought home from post office was snowed in
Many blizzards

Essential reading for any age!

The power of love, the magic of Marley. Great read for ANY age. Thank you.

A Kids Book About Emotions

Great Book for Young Kids

Nearly all the "A Kids Book About" series are great (or better). This one is no exception. It was simple to understand (reading to my 13, 11, 9,6, 5, and 2 year olds). The younger kids (5, 6, and 9) could grasp it, and the discussion it prompted was helpful for the older ones as well. It did help them understand concretely as our 2 year old is half Korean, so it really helped them understand all racism because they could not understand why anyone would NOT like their sister! I am pleased to have this book in my arsenal of tools to use when my 2 year old gets older to help her understand things in her world since she's part of an all white family living in a mostly white community.


Really tough subject made accessible through this book. Grateful it exists.

A kids book about confidence

I read this book to my boys, 5 and 7 years old, before they go to bed. They both doodle or write while I read and a conversation about how they feel or something that happened in the day is always sparked by the book. We read these books almost every night right now. They are helpful for talking about things that happened at school during the day.

Imagination book

It looks terrific, but they’re for my 4 grandkids and I haven’t mailed them yet. Obviously I’m hoping they’ll love the books‼️👌🏼📚

The best resource for a hard time

When it was time to say goodbye to our family dog, this book was nothing short of invaluable. It helped me have the difficult conversation with our kids (9, 6 and 3) without breaking down myself and when the time came they were prepared and knowledge about the entire process. Not to mention it arrives in 2 days so it was here when we needed it. One of the best kids book about yet.

Love this book

Good for my great grandson 💙 👏

A Little Book About Grit

A Kids Book About Incarceration

Ethan brings so much heart and integrity to a difficult situation for kids and grownups alike. And his life is a shining example of how even making a terrible mistake can lead to growth and possibility when someone takes responsibility for their actions, and does all they can to make amends. His straight-forward narrative will comfort kids and their adults.

Great book to open up conversations about adoption, foster care, blended families, and what makes a family- a family.

Imagination book

Kids not impressed- they are good readers but felt the book lacked “ imagination “. It was more about LaVar than them!