A Kids Book About Gratitude



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For Ages 5+

Being thankful isn’t always easy, but it’s so worth it.

This book explores what it means to be grateful. Not just for the big things like birthday parties and iPhones, but the small things like dinner, a cozy bed, and a sunny day. This book doesn’t teach kids how to pretend like everything is always ok, but to change their perspective to live bold, influential, and authentic lives.

Ben Kenyon is a podcaster, influencer, Founder/CEO of Great Day Squad, and Portland Trail Blazers Performance Coach. He lives in Portland Or, and tries to live generously and with gratitude every day.

Hardback Size: 8in. x 10in.
ISBN: 978-1-951253-22-6
Printed in the USA

eBook Format: EPUB
eBook ISBN:978-1-951253-23-3
eBook Compatibility: iOS, iPadOS, and macOS devices

64 Pages

Copyright 2019
Designed in Portland, Oregon

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Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
A Kids book about Gratitude

Since my child is still pre-reading age, a few pictures would be nice instead of just graphic words. Especially since it is telling a story about a person named Ben with a superpower. Why not have a superhero named Ben illustrated? She would find it more interesting and engaging.

Mischa D.
Gratitude is so important!

My 6 and 8 year old love this book!

Tia B.

A Kids Book About Gratitude

Leslie B.

Although the content of this book is good my 5 year old and I were not drawn to this book due to the lack of illustrations. I feel this could be made much more interesting and helpful to children if there were pictures.

Samantha W.
Awesome Book

This book on gratitude was awesome! We read it often as a family. A great reminder (for both kids and adults) to be grateful for what we have.

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