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How do I talk to my kid about belonging?

by Yazmin Macias / Feb 12, 2023
Author Kevin Carroll talks to kids about the meaning of belonging and what it feels like to be included—or excluded—from places where you want to belong. Encouraging kids to always include others whenever they can.

Talking to kids about divorce

by Yazmin Macias / Feb 12, 2023

Author Ashley Simpo talks to kids about what divorce is, the reasons why people get divorced, and how normal divorce is for families to go through. Sharing with kids the common feelings around divorce and how to process the changes that are occurring in their family.

How do I talk to my kids about their emotions?

by Yazmin Macias / Feb 12, 2023
Author Nakita Simpson walks through talking about emotions with kids, explaining why they should listen to and feel their emotions. Most importantly, showing kids they can express their emotions in different ways.

Explaining inclusivity to kids

by Yazmin Macias / Feb 11, 2023
Author Rebekah Bruesehoff talks about inclusivity with kids and what it means to be inclusive. Showing kids how to protect inclusive spaces by always being welcoming of others and others’ perspectives.

Teaching kids how to learn from failure

by Yazmin Macias / Feb 11, 2023
Author Dr. Laymon Hicks talks to kids about the fear that comes with failing and how failure is a tool that is used to find success in the long-run. Encouraging kids to not be ashamed of failing and always stay persistent in their goals.

Teaching kids the meaning of family

by Yazmin Macias / Feb 11, 2023

Through talking to kids about what family means, Author Stephen Green and Illustrator Edmund Holmes show kids all families look different. Encouraging kids to feel proud of who they consider their family—biological, blended, or chosen—and how to appreciate the moments they share with their family.

Showing kids how to feel fear

by Yazmin Macias / Feb 11, 2023

Teaching kids to not be afraid of feeling fear and how feeling fear can be helpful in different situations. Author Jelani Memory breaks down the causes of different fears and how we can use fear to our advantage when we know what to do with it.  

How to explain COVID-19 to kids

by Yazmin Macias / Jan 01, 2023

Malia Jones, social epidemiologist and author of A Kids Book About COVID-19, answers common questions kids have about COVID-19, from what it is to why and how it’s spreading. Explaining what vaccines are and why people get them to protect themselves from getting sick.