A Kids Book About Emotions


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For Ages 5+

Emotions can be hard, expressing them can be even harder, but it’s so important.

Emotions? emotions... EMOOOOTIONS!
We all have them, they’re all different, and they’re rarely simple. This book helps kids explore the complexities of their emotions with stories, questions, and coloring activities made for self-expression. What color do you feel like today?

Nakita (she/her) is an art director, designer, and illustrator. Simply put, she’s someone who draws words for a living. She’s a lifelong learner who explores creativity professionally in the advertising industry and personally through building and supporting mentorship opportunities for creatives from untraditional backgrounds.

Hardback Size: 8in. x 10in.
ISBN: 978-1-951253-39-4
Printed in the USA

eBook Format: EPUB
eBook ISBN: 978-1-951253-60-8
eBook Compatibility: iOS, iPadOS, and macOS devices
Read more about device compatibility here.

72 pages

Copyright 2020
Designed in Portland, Oregon

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
A Kids Book About Emotions

This book is a wonderful conversation started and really helps my children to understand and process all of their feelings big and small.

Motown g.

Enjoyed the format..having input from adult and youngster.
The concept of color, drawing made for a different approach.

Alex G.
Love the book!

I just read this with my nieces, and it was such a great one to do together and talk about our emotions together. It was the perfect way to set the tone for me and my husband babysitting them for a week.

There were a lot of activities in there for a child to do independently, which I think is great, but it was a little awkward to feel like we needed to skip over it as we were reading together as a group.

Angie V.
Just perfect!

We love this book. It’s not only super interactive but it explains emotions and encourages discussion in a really age appropriate way for my 7yo. Highly recommended!

Tara M.

My son loved this, I did too! It’s super interactive which is cool. I really enjoy all of the kids co books but this is my favorite!