A Little Book About Activism

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Take your first step toward activism!

A little book with a big goal! This book aims to give kids the building blocks to develop strong principles of care, empathy, and community. Because you’re never too young to make a difference!

Courtney (Courn) Ahn is a Korean American illustrator and designer known for her playful artwork that depicts social justice, antiracism, and all things activism!

Hardback Size: 5.625in. x 5.625in.
ISBN: 978-1-951253-95-0

Printed in the USA

Copyright 2021

Designed in Portland, Oregon

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Kole H.
A Great Start

I come for an adopted/mixed family where we were raised with very open minds. Having a daughter of my own almost a year ago, I really wanted to instill the same open mindedness I was gifted. The problem is the world isn’t that way, so finding a way to teach my child has been a struggle. Then I found these books, and it was perfect. Now my daughter is learning how to identify when things are not equal and how she can be an advocate in her community. Seriously this book club is worth every penny, if not more.


A Little Book About Activism

Jessica B.
Great intro to an important topic!

Love this book. The design and illustrations are beautiful and modern, and the simple explanation works for kids. You do a great job of distilling complicated topics into easy conversation starters for kids and families. Thank you!

Jennifer M.

We are advocates and activists who want to introduce the topic to our youngest family members. Each time we read the book, our little one builds their vocabulary of helping others. Thank you, Courtney Ahn!

Savannah R.

A Little Book About Activism