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Our team will collaborate with you on writing, designing, editing, and proofing your book. We handle the printing, distribution, and sales for your book. All of this is wrapped up 
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We’ve published over 100 awe-inspiring stories told by icons, changemakers, young voices, and first-time authors, and now our top-notch publishing process is available for individuals, nonprofits, and corporations who have a story which NEEDS to be told.

How Does It Work?

We have a unique book creation process which doesn't require you to be a writer—just someone with an authentic and empowering story to tell. Each of our books is written via a one-day workshop process, designed and edited in-house, and published in one of our series brands. See below for each step of the process.


Writing Workshop

The process starts with a one-day workshop (3–5 hours) via video conference with our team to collaboratively create the first draft of an author’s manuscript. We've done this 100+ times and it's a magical part of the process.

Editing Work

We dive into editing right away. This includes developmental, copy, and author edits. There are no long deadlines or solo work for the author—every step is done in collaboration.


The book goes thorough proofing at this stage to ensure we're on the right track. Once we’ve done a final proofread on copy and content we're ready for design.


Cover Design

We start the design process by developing an approach to the cover which reflects our signature look and style. The cover direction sets the stage for the book as a whole and reflects the tone and content of the book. 

Page Design

Using the cover design as a tonal starting point, we begin to lay out the interior of the book. This includes copy, our signature typographic style, design elements, and potential illustrations.

Finalize Book

The design, layout, and copy is proofed for "print readiness" and signed off on by both us the Publisher and you the author. Once finalized, the book is ready for print.



We work with our print partners to begin the proofing, page makeup, materials specifications, and printing process, which is different depending on the needs and distribution channels of each book.


Metadata is crafted for each book to give readers and retailers all they need to find it and buy it. The final book is made available for sale (direct-to-consumer and wholesale) through various distribution channels, typically including but not limited to:,, and


We begin promoting the book! Each author receives 25 author copies of their book along with a promotional kit, which includes book imagery, marketing copy, an author bio, and purchase links.


Individual - $7,000

Are you someone with an authentic story? Then the individual publishing service is for you. This publishing service includes the creation of a completed book, distributed, and sold by A Kids Co. Author earn royalties on every book sold.


Non-Profit - $10,000

Are you a non-profit looking to tell your story and have a book that gives back? Then the organization publishing service is for you. We'll work with your team to create a completed book, distributed and sold by A Kids Co. Your organization earns royalties on each book sold.


Company - $15,000+

Are you a company looking to tell a story that aligns with your brand? Then the company publishing service is for you. We collaborate with your brand to create a book, distribution strategy, and launch plan. Your company earns royalties on each book sold.


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